Carol Dunitz, Ph.D. is a respected speaker, writer and
author who helps individuals and organizations
communicate more effectively. She has the ability to take complex ideas and issues and make them interesting and easy-to-understand.  As a result, she is able to help people lead happier and more productive lives as they learn to communicate better.


Dr. Dunitz speaks to groups across the country.  Her presentations include: Schmooze or Lose, Understanding Intercultural Communication, Surefire Sales & Negotiating, Top Notch Customer Service, Leadership & Communication in the Workplace, Communicology: Communication for Healthcare Professionals, and Winning Advertising and PR Campaigns.  Her Louder Than Thunder speeches and seminars focus on listening and observing, skills that can dramatically increase one’s ability to achieve personal and professional goals.


Dr. Dunitz often dresses in costumes for her presentations in order to make them not only informative but entertaining.  She sings original songs and tells stories and anecdotes, which demonstrate the points she makes.  “Charts and graphs put people to sleep,” Dunitz says.  “A good story with an important message is remembered and retold.” 


Dr. Dunitz graduated from the University of Michigan with a double major in Theatre and English.  She received her Ph.D. in Speech Communication and Theatre from Wayne State University. 

When she is not writing and speaking, Dr. Dunitz leads a team at The Last Word that provides comprehensive communication services for business. These services include marketing strategy development, research, writing and production. She shows her clients how to differentiate themselves from the competition and then sees that they get the marketing tools they need to meet their objectives.


Dr. Dunitz is the author of One Hungry Child and numerous articles on communication.  She has written speeches for many high level executives as well as countless brochures, web sites, radio and TV spots, white papers and case studies.


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