Praise for Louder Than Thunder

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Praise for Louder Than Thunder 


"Louder Than Thunder" shatters the glass ceiling while dispelling gender myths that have plagued corporate America for generations.  This book is a ‘heads up’ for every businessman, an inspiration for every businesswoman, and a thoughtful reminder about how we can all aspire to be better communicators


The Honorable Dennis Archer
Chairman, Dickinson Wright PLLC
Former Mayor of Detroit


Simple, straightforward and effective.  Carol Dunitz has captured the essence of the important dynamics of human interaction.


John Bava
Partner, New York office
Deloitte & Touche


"Louder Than Thunder" is a wonderful book.  Carol Dunitz addresses one of the most important aspects of communication…LISTENING! This can only be accomplished through something that is difficult for many…resisting the temptation to talk so much!  The parable drives home a point that is a good lesson for all!


David Brandon
Dominos Pizza


If you want to get some tips on communication you might haveforgotten along the way, or never thought about at all, pick up "Louder than Thunder" and throw it in your briefcase on your next trip. It's an easy read in a simple fun style. There's a lot of meat that you might not find your first time through it, but it's there for the taking. Reading it will be time well spent.


Keith E. Crain
Crain Communications Inc.


Carol Dunitz has crafted a fine, captivating story whose lessons extend beyond the world of business into every walk of life.


Davy Rothbart
FOUND Magazine


Even in the midst of a very demanding workday, I found that once I started reading "Louder Than Thunder," I couldn’t stop.  The style is provocative and the message is compelling.


Sheelagh Whittaker
Managing Director
Commercial Sector England
EDS Ltd.


Your "Louder than Thunder" is a ten-strike, and I have no sense of unease about whether it will get the attention it deserves. Obviously, you have continued to forge ahead with your career, and I surely do extend to you my congratulations. Keep up the good work.

  Paul W. McCracken
University of Michigan
Edmund Ezra Day
Distinguised Professor Emeritus
of Business Administration,
Economics and Public Policy


I read it ("Louder Than Thunder") straight through and I enjoyed it very much. I remember meeting you not long after I became coach and I am very happy for your success. Carry on! Go Blue--


Lloyd Carr
University of Michigan
Head Football Coach


Carol, your labor of love, "Louder than Thunder", is a masterful work that is relevant to a CEO and an elementary school student. I read it in 25 minutes the first time and 2 hours and 10 minutes the second time. I'm confident that it will take even longer the third time.


My wife teaches children at risk in the Northville School  System. She also hosts an all girls  8 and 9 year old reading group on Thursdays. She will  expose your book to them and she what they get out of it and what they can offer in return. 


Again, thank you for the insights.


Frank R. Cadicamo
President & COO
N. W. Coughlin & Company


"Louder Than Thunder" is a provocative, contemporary business parable about a CEO who calls a meeting of her three vice-presidents, one of whom will succeed her. The one who best answers the question, "What is louder than thunder, as highly charged as lightning, and more powerful than the fierce North Wind?" will succeed her as CEO.

The book is really a lesson in effective organizational and interpersonal communication. Featured are: observe and listen; consider the setting; have achievable goals if relevant; hear the other person out; think before you speak--or don't speak.

Illustrations range from manufacturing to marketing and make clear that most often the job is a prime factor in how people answer the riddle.

The point of this engaging, 100-page parable highlighted by nine artistic illustrations by Helen Gotlib is that we can all improve our communication behavior, on and off the job. The lessons are basic and valuable for all who will read this forthright, yet sensitive and self-instructing book.


Raymond S. Ross, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor of Communication
Wayne S
tate University


Carol Dunitz has captured with elegance and insight the importance of meaningful communication in our complex world of human relationships. As I read Louder Than Thunder, I kept pausing and reflecting on my personal style of interaction.  I questioned my own approach while honestly reflecting on my strengths and weaknesses. As a result, I came to the conclusion that I needed to make some adjustments. By the end of the book, I found myself at the beginning of a quest to strive for quality, not quantity, in my communication with others.

I have made Louder Than Thunder a ‘must read’ for our Domestic Corps interns. Embracing the lessons in this book will make them more effective in the field and throughout their careers.  Thank you!


Leslie Lemons

Managing Director, Domestic Corps
Stephen M. Ross School of Business

University of Michigan


"Louder than Thunder" is a surprising and inventive read. Though short enough to be read again and again, the text is astonishingly deep in its exploration of topics through the protagonist's narrative. Though the vignettes are strong enough to stand alone, Gotlib's illustrations lend beauty and vivacity to the work to make the read even more compelling. The design is visually pleasing, the back blurbs draw the reader in and lend credibility to the author's story, and the interior design is well-planned and eye-catching. Overall, a very enjoyable read.


Judge's commentary

Writer's Digest 13th Annual International Self-Published
Book Awards

Commentary Sheet


Many thanks for sharing your words and introducing "Louder Than Thunder" to us this morning. Yes, it CAN be read in about an hour! I actually enjoyed a real lunch break today to do so; a luxury I don't often have...


My associate is eager to read your book after having witnessed my inability to separate myself from it today! (Of course, I will direct others to your web site to encourage a purchase of their own.) Smiles.


Sharon L. Gee

Asst. Professor, Wayne State Univ. President, Michigan Enbalmers Soc.
V.P., American Society of Enbalmers

Professional Speaking Testimonials


Team Building Seminar for Detroit Thermal. LLC

Your half day team teambuilding program was outstanding. It was topical, instructive, entertaining and well received by all the management and supervisory staff. I have received nothing but positive feedback from everyone who attended.

Your use of “hands on” exercises with group participation helped to bring home the principles of effective communication in workgroups. I admire your ability to get everyone participating in discussions. The enhanced the experience for all.

I questioned whether you could cover the key topics we wanted addressed in only four hours, but you did it. Next time I hope we can arrange an entire day together for more advanced work. Should you need a personal reference, please do not hesitate to contact me.


C. E. French

President & General Manager
Detroit Thermal. LLC



Your performance at THE DETROIT BOOK FESTIVAL yesterday was outstanding. I'm glad I came back to purchase "Louder than Thunder." I read it last night relishing the messages, stunning illustrations and its fun parable presentation....


One of my clients is planning a creative/business conference in September 2005 in Detroit and your seminar topics and presentation would be a wonderful fit.

Once again thank you for a bravo performance.


Camille Mitchell



What is a birthday celebration without a cake? And what is it that makes the cake so special? It is the sparkling lighted candles. This past month MSAE had a special occasion, our awards banquet, and Carol Dunitz was "our sparkling lighted candles." She presented a special Patriotic Tribute on September 10, 2002. Dressed as Uncle Sam, she did a wonderful job renewing patriotism, singing original patriotic songs and telling meaningful stories from American history.

Carol Dunitz has presented for us three times over the past 16 months. The first time Carol spoke for us she delivered three seminars for ORGPRO (TM) 2001, our annual conference that was attended by 400 people. She spoke on Interpersonal Communication, Intercultural Communication and Advertising Campaigns. Carol had excellent reviews on all her presentations, two of which were delivered to standing room only audiences.

This past year, she was attending an event when the scheduled speaker was detained. The attendees were getting restless and it was uncertain what could be done about the unexpected delay. Our Chairman of the Board approached Carol and asked if she would lend a hand. With no advance warning, she got up and entertained the group until the speaker arrived.

Carol is unlike any speaker you have ever seen. She delivers what I would call, business theater. Her presentations are theatrical. It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Carol Dunitz to you and your members. Let her make your event sparkle.


Cheryl Ronk, CAE

Michigan Society of Association Executives


You were a HIT!! I received many positive comments about your entertaining presentation, "Smooze or Lose". This is quite an accomplishment coming from "seasoned" elected officials who think they have seen or heard everything!!

Your energy was contagious and you did a great job getting the audience involved. Thanks again for sharing your insights and for your down-to-earth message filled with ideas that can be used immediately.


James D. Campbell, CAE

Executive Director
ginia Association of Counties


If you are looking for a program that will have your members energized and enthusiastic, ready to tackle the world with all the new things they've learned, you are looking for Dr. Carol Dunitz. Carol is extremely entertaining, effervescent and thought-provoking. She knows how to handle any crowd and offers quick-witted responses to whatever is thrown her way.

But make no mistake about it--Carol's programs are much more than motivational. She is an intelligent woman who offers practical information that gets attendees thinking about relationships and communication in new ways. Her programs fit well within association management and professional training guidelines. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Carol Dunitz to you.


Eddie G. Powers, CAE

President and Executive Director
Southfield Area Chamber of Commerce


It was a pleasure for me to be in attendance at the Lions Clubs International District 11-A2 Convention in Traverse City, Michigan and hear your excellent “Schmooze or Lose” Presentation.

Dressed in your western outfit you gave the attendees great entertainment as well as excellent information to help them better serve people most in need in their communities. I hope I have the pleasure of hearing another of your thought provoking presentations.


Jim Ervin

Past International President
Lions Club International

Thank you for the presentation at our NACAS Central Conference. I will contact our Director of Media Services to see if we can follow-up with an article for our members and perhaps a presentation at a future conference. I look forward to meeting you again, in whatever costume.


Dr. Bob Hassmiller, CAE

Executive Director
The National Association of College Auxiliary Services


On behalf of the Canton Chamber of Commerce and the Staff Appreciation Luncheon committee, I would like to thank you for your excellent presentation at our Staff Appreciation Luncheon. Your program was both entertaining and informative and we have had nothing but rave reviews. You made out luncheon a huge success.


Dianne Cojei

Executive Director
Canton Chamber of Commerce


Your enthusiasm and energy, not to mention your festive costume, captivated our audience and kept them engaged throughout your entire performance. Carol, your energy created a new tine for the ceremony that ULS had never seen in the past—one that was more lively, colorful and enlightening.


Kara Feemster

Office of Development and Alumni Relations
University Liggett School


On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Management Consultants USA-Michigan Chapter, I wish to express our appreciation for your dynamic presentation at our September meeting.

The eye-popping musical tribute at the beginning, the inspiring presentation "How to Get Revolutionary Results," followed by a dynamic Q & A Session, energized the entire audience to return to their practices and implement the strategies presented.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience with fellow management consultants. You are indeed a wonderful example of the best in our profession.


Robert W Sopo, Ph.D., CHRP, CMC

Institute of Management Consultants USA


On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Building Owners and Managers Association of Metropolitan Detroit, I would like to thank you for your excellent presentation at our Holiday luncheon. Not only were you entertaining, you also did a great job introducing Attorney General Jennifer Granholm. We all know it's not easy to capture an audience's attention. But you did! You made our BOMA staff look good.


Darlene Trudell, CAE

Executive Director

Building Owners and Managers Association


I don’t know who was more moved by your creative Dolly Green Giant costume…the press or the folks attending our press conference. You were awesome! I was deeply moved by your powerful and compassionate speech on hunger. Your words not only illustrated the many faces of hunger, but they also dispelled a few myths. There were tears on several faces when you talked about the elementary school children who hadn’t had their breakfast, especially the one child who told his teacher, “I missed breakfast today because it wasn’t my turn.

When you offered to provide your creative services to this Second Harvest food bank, I had no idea how much of a draw you would become. Channel 7 Action News arrived because of you! The Oakland Press photographed you and featured the postal food drive (under your photo) in today’s paper. Your presence brought out the media and folks who can make a difference! Carol, on behalf of the board and the 70,000 men, women and children we serve each month, thank you for sharing one of your disguises and zany antics with us.

While some folks thought they were looking at a very tall Dolly Green Giant, I understood the truth about what they were really seeing. They were looking at the face of love.
We look forward to more associations in the very near future. The question, of course is: Which face will you wear then? I’m a devoted follower of the cult.


Helen Kozlowski

Executive Director
Food Bank of Oakland County

Thanks for enduring the travel challenge and for two great sessions at MO-SAE. Several comments after the meeting indicate that people had fun and learned something. How about that? I’m betting you get more inquiries from Missouri.


Steve Taylor

Executive Director
Miami Beef Industry Council

--I thought the content was terrific. ‘Would have enjoyed listening to her for 3-4 hours.
--Made me so aware of how important good communication is.
--I would love to have the opportunity to hear Carol again.
--Excellent communication tool.
--Great out of the box experience.
--Best session I have heard.


Ohio State Chiropractic Association evaluations


As a former training coordinator for the University of Michigan/Wayne State University Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations, I designed and hired speakers for out Management Development courses. I would definitely use Dr. Dunitz for a Sales/Marketing session, a Communication session, a Networking session and also for her report on a study of top executives. In 50 lengthy interviews she sought to find out what strategies and behaviors made these executives successful.

I have known Carol for 28 years. She is one of the brightest and most articulate among my 30 Ph.D. candidates. She is a dynamic speaker who uses showmanship in a most entertaining and meaningful manner. I have recently observed her perform and I know she is a professional. I am happy to recommend her.


Raymond S. Ross, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor
Wayne State University

Carol offers useful information I can take back to build personal and business relationships. Her presentation was very entertaining and the songs are a real 'wow.'"


Jeff Lichty

Governor Elect
Michigan District 6380

Carol does a fine presentation. She is enthusiastic about what she does and it comes across. Her message about schmoozing is one that is beneficial to all Lion members because it helps them communicate effectively with one another. I love her songs.


Lewis Moeller

District Governor
Michigan Lions


Carol's presentation on schmoozing at the Utica Shelby club was informative and entertaining. The original songs she shared with us offered a refreshing change of pace. I'm looking forward to her coming to my home club, Whitmore Lake.


George Brown

District Governor
Michigan Kiwanis


She gave “a ‘standing ovation’ presentation! Our early morning meeting was awakened with Carol's creative energy and enthusiasm. Her talk was both entertaining and enlightening.


Jan Gardner

Clinton Township

Michigan Area Optimist Club

Great meeting you at the Canton Chamber Staff Appreciation luncheon. You did a fantastic job!


Kristene Rautio

Vice President
Community Bank of Dearborn

The Board of Directors and general membership of the Eastpointe Rotary Club along with myself would like to thank you for your fascinating and interesting talk given to us today. Your message is meaningful and “right on.” Perhaps, in the future, some of the business leaders in the community could get together with you for a leadership conference. I am going to suggest this to the Eastpointe Chamber of Commerce. Again, thanks for your time and the sharing with us some of your talents.


Ellen C. Wallaert

Eastpointe Rotary Club

I was there for your program downtown and I can say that I really enjoyed it. I loved your costume. I can just imagine what your daughters must have said when you first started going out to gigs dressed like that. OH, MOM!!


Bruce Amrine

AA Alarms, Inc.

Carol Dunitz, Ph.D. presented a wonderful and creative presentation to our Women in Business Group. Carol was entertaining and kept everyone's attention during her presentation on "Increasing Advertising Effectiveness". Carol also encouraged audience participation which increased the effectiveness of the workshop. I would highly recommend Carol as an effective and engaging speaker.


Andrea Friedman

Program Director
Des Plaines Chamber Women in Business

As a "Doctor of Communicology" you surprised us all with your unusual opening, and kept our members interested throughout the talk. It was a cold evening, and your lively presentation brought warmth to our meeting.


Paul Loparco

Leone D'Oro Lodge #2700

Carol has great knowledge of the marketing and public relations world and delivers advice in a creative and exciting way. The members of my Rotary Club really enjoyed her program and have taken away a realm of knowledge not only for our service organization, but hopefully to their own businesses.


Amy Schrage

Assoc. Director of Public Relations Ravinia Festival

I have worked in the marketing and PR profession for years, and truly enjoyed Carol's unique and fresh approach. You can be sure I will implement her ideas with my clients.


Liz Noe

ElizEvents, Inc.

Often our speakers come and fill the room with statistics, information and general background noise, failing to hold audience attention. Carol engaged the audience with her incredible character portrayal, extensive knowledge, thought provoking questions, and a wonderful original song. Her presentation was visually appealing. I followed along and eagerly took notes, knowing that I will be able to use her techniques in upcoming fundraisers. Her handouts are easy-to-read and informative.

Carol could add a spark to any room and assist any company to improve PR, marketing and imaging by utilizing her amazing talents.


Alison L.K. Anderson

Club Service Chair
Rotary Club of LITH/Algonquin

Carol Dunitz spoke volumes to our group and she was truly inspirational. The message she provided was informative and I was deeply impressed.


Mike Evans

Executive Director
Bolingbrook Area Chamber of Commerce

We want to thank you for coming to our Rotary Club luncheon and making a very inspiring presentation. Your enthusiasm generated a tremendous spirit within the club. I must say that you are the best dressed speaker that our Rotary Club enjoyed. In appreciation of your presentation a $100 contribution will be made in your name to the Rotary Foundation.


Bob Siefert

Bloomfield Hills Rotary Club

First, let me thank you for a fantastic program! I received a lot of positive feedback after the meeting… Thank you for a great program.


Robert Petitpren
Mt. Clemens Lions Club


Thank you very much for joining us at the Northville Rotary yesterday. I found both the message and the medium inspirational as I start another year and continue to grow my financial planning practice. I visited your web site and got a greater appreciation for your talents and accomplishments. I will pass your information on to my management team to determine if they have an interest in what your services could do for …Detroit Region results.


David Sanders
Northville Rotary


Thank you for your informative talk at Rotary this week. I personally enjoyed your friendship, your warm personality and your performance.


Mel Newdigger

District Manager
Farmers Insurance

Thank you so very much for forwarding the article "Participation: The Key To Membership." You kind of blew me away when you sang that song. You have a marvelous voice. Your presentation…one of the finest we've had since I became President this past July. Thank you again for your endeavors. They are greatly appreciated.


Vince Napoletano

Utica/Shelby Rotary

Both Bruce Amrine and I were in attendance at the Downtown Kiwanis Meeting on Monday and enjoyed your presentation. We would be pleased if you would consider making a similar presentation to our group.


Dean Beresford

First Vice President
Ann Arbor Western Kiwanis

Just a note to say “Thank you”! I enjoyed your talk so much and your bright smile and enthusiasm were contagious.


Karen Warren
National City Bank


Thank you for taking the time to speak with our club members last evening. It was an enjoyable meeting. It was my feeling and I hope yours, too, that everyone had a good time. I think everyone also took something valuable away with him. I hope to be able to work with you again. I’m sure Jeff has filed your bio in his conference file for the 2005 Rotary Conference. (That’s a big year for Rotary as is it the 100 year celebration. I’ll bet you could do something flashy with that!) Thanks again.


Mary Sloan, President
Clarkston Rotary


I really enjoyed your program at the Ann Arbor Kiwanis Club yesterday.


Lloyd Kitchens


I enjoyed your presentation yesterday. Your energy is contagious and you've met lots of interesting people. Thank you for sharing!


Casilda de Benito


Just wanted to thank you again for speaking at our Kiwanis meeting. The feedback from our members was terrific!


John Cook
Utica-Shelby Kiwanis


Your presentation at the Clinton Township Area Optimist Club was fabulous.


Lou Moss


I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at our Optimist Club on Monday. Thank you for adding so much to our meeting and bringing up some interesting things to think about.


Nancy Garr


You were awesome. Thank you for being our speaker.


Tamara Van Wormer-Tazzia


Thank you again for speaking at out Kiwanis luncheon. Your talk was quite inspiring. You should know that you made history that day. You are the only guest speaker that stole the president’s gavel. We all had a good laugh over that.


Dick Gora

Garden City Kiwanis

I am a Woodhaven Kiwanian. Recently you spoke at our meeting in Woodhaven and it was very entertaining. I am president of the Wayne County Detectives Association. We are having our Scholarship Awards Dinner. I was wondering if you would be available to speak that evening. I think what you have to say would be beneficial to the students.


Sally Lancaster


Thanks for a motivating presentation. When I got back to the office, Crains was on my desk and I joined those who turn first to your ad. You have renewed my energy to be a better communicator and you will continue to do so when I look for your ad in each issue of Crains.


Tom Marsh




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