Washtenaw Livingston Business Review
February 3-9, 2005

Local Author’s book gains reviewer’s attention

Speaker, writer, producer and consultant Carol Dunitz of Ann Arbor is receiving plaudits for her book “Louder Than Thunder.” The 101-page book, billed as “a contemporary business parable” about how to better listen and communicate, is from the perspective of a young woman who wants to become CEO of a major corporation.

In the book, a CEO gives her three vice presidents a riddle to solve: What is louder than thunder, as highly charged as lightning, and more powerful than the fierce North Wind? Whoever comes back with the best answer will be the next CEO.

The book was mentioned Jan. 31 by Jim Pawlak in the Chicago Tribune. A November review by Paul Tulenko, a small-business columnist for Scripps Howard News Service, said the book is one “that business men need to read.”

“Louder Than Thunder,” published by Canterbury & Parkside, is available in hardcover or on CD at www.louderthanthunder.com or bookstores. The cost is $19.95


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