Washington Business Journal
December 17, 2004

Louder Than Thunder: A Contemporary Business Parable
by Carol Dunitz

Sentence one, Page 25: Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was very determined.

As is the fashion with "business parables," "Louder Than Thunder" has pictures, big type and big margins, so you can realistically read it in a sitting. This one follows a girl who becomes a woman from diapers to succession planning for her retirement. She learns lessons along the way, and you will, too.

"Be attentive to what is going on and you will learn something ..." (Page 39)

"You never want to take the last crumb off the table." (Page 47)

"...women always seem to speak in riddles..." (Page 67)

"We must learn to treasure periods when no one speaks." (Page 87)

Actually, that's about it.

Hardcover, 101 pp., Canterbury & Parkside, $19.95

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