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February 1, 2005

By Stacey Fonseca, Senior Staff Writer

Here's a riddle for you. "What is louder than thunder, as highly charged as lightning and more powerful than the fierce North Wind?"

You'll find out after an easy read of Dr. Carol Dunitz' latest book, "Louder than Thunder: A Contemporary Business Parable." Dunitz' book, which takes less than an hour to read in its entirety, is an intriguing parable which follows the ventures of a Chief Executive Officer who is about to choose her successor, after deciding to step down from her position.

Rather than go through the usual corporate politics associated with choosing a successor to such a high powered position, this crafty CEO poses the above riddle to her candidates. Each one is expected to provide an answer and whoever provides the best response will earn the coveted title of CEO.

"Louder than Thunder" is a cleverly packed text, with easy-to-understand information, and valuable lessons which provide tips to help with many of the listening, observation, and communication skills used by today's corporate gurus.

The book's protagonist is a young woman who has set her sights on becoming CEO of a major corporation by learning to deal with the world using her active listening and observational skills. This creative executive leads the reader on an educational excursion that offers valuable insight on how to set goals, persevere, empower others, deal with communication and refine communication.

Former Detroit, MI Mayor Dennis Archer said the book is "A great 'heads-up' for business men, an inspiration for business women and a thoughtful reminder of how we can all aspire to be better communicators." Dominos Pizza Company CEO David Brandon comments: "Dunitz addresses one of the most important aspects of communication.listening. This can only be accomplished through something that is difficult for many.resisting the temptation to talk so much!"

The author is an avid speaker, writer, producer and consultant. She has written and produced numerous audio CDs to supplement her communication programs. She is also the author of "One Hungry Child," a compelling story published by the Food Bank of Oakland County, which shares stories about hungry children living in the United States. Dunitz is also a principal of The Last Word, a communication and creative services business in Ann Arbor, Michigan. "Louder than Thunder" is illustrated by award-winning artist Helen Gotlib.

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