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January 2005

A Contemporary Business Parable

“Louder Than Thunder” by Carol Dunitz, Ph.D. is a little book with a huge impact. It is the story of a wise CEO of a large corporation who is preparing to retire and wants to ensure that her successor is a good communicator and leader.


She decides to test the potential candidates by asking them to solve a riddle—What is louder than thunder, as highly charged as lightning and more powerful than the fierce North Wind? The reader learns numerous lessons about interpersonal communication and relationships in the workplace while following the action of the characters in the book.


In our fast-paced world where there are so many demands on our time, it is a pleasure to find an author who has the ability to express her ideas in an entertaining and succinct manner. “Louder Than Thunder” is a quick read that will surprise you with its depth and insight. It will inspire you to read it again and again, gaining new learning from each reading.


Dunitz has skillfully couched her messaged in the guise of a parable. The book is divided into three parts. In the first part she sets the stage by following the life of a young girl as she grows through the activities of childhood into a powerfully perceptive leader of a large company. Along the way, she learns numerous valuable lessons, in large part from her parents, who support and mentor her. She, in turn, shares these lessons with other people throughout her life.


In the second part, she is a mature leader who seeks to empower others and help them lead more meaningful lives. It is in this section that she poses the riddle. The third and last part is ingeniously crafted as a speech. The CEO shares some of her philosophies and beliefs through gripping stories and images that resonate no only with her corporate audiences but also with the reader.


“Louder Than Thunder” focuses on listening and observing, skills that are important because they lead to greater understanding about ourselves, others, and the world around us. The reader discovers that careful listening and observing helps one accomplish personal and professional goals.


What is louder than thunder, as highly charged as lightning, and more powerful than the fierce North Wind? You’ll have to read “Louder Than Thunder” to learn the answer to the riddle and the life lessons the book presents. You’ll be glad you did. Available in hardcover or on CD, it can be purchased at or in bookstores for $19.95.


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