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Dr. Dunitz' Louder Than Thunder programs focus on listening and observing. Although these are the most important communication skills a person can have, few people learn how to maximize their powers of listening and observation in school. Louder Than Thunder programs introduce key concepts and demonstrate how to apply them. 


Attendees learn how to improve their ability to communicate by sharpening their powers of listening and observation.  Shorter programs are informative and entertaining.  Longer programs include interactive discussion and participation-based learning activities. 


Workshops include a hardcover copy of Louder Than Thunder, and the Louder Than Thunder Learning Guide. Other products are available on request.


  • Schmooze or Lose
  • 'Louder Than Thunder' Active Listening
  • Understanding Intercultural Communication
  • Surefire Sales & Negotiating
  • Top Notch Customer Service
  • Leadership & Communication in the Workplace
  • Team Building: Learning to Work Together
  • Communicology: Communication for Healthcare Professionals
  • Winning Advertising and PR Campaigns
  • Red, White and Blue: The Spirit of America

Have you ever attended a ‘ho-hum, fall asleep, wish-I-hadn’t-been-there’ seminar? Boring seminars are a thing of the past when you rely on Dr. Carol Dunitz' programs. She always addresses critical communication issues in an entertaining way.  


Dr. Dunitz' seminars evoke smiles, laughter and tears. She imparts information through stories with which her audience can identify. Dr. Dunitz drives home the intended message by relying on human interest stories and examples that are remembered long after the seminar is over. The educational message takes on a life of its own when attendees share what they learned with their friends and associates who were not in attendance.


Dr. Dunitz delivers a series of communication-based programs, which have been researched, written and produced to address communication in and out of the workplace.  These programs can be customized to meet the needs of your organization.  Why settle for a canned presentation when you can have one that is dynamic, entertaining and designed for your special objectives?


Most presentations are delivered in full theatrical costume to enhance the entertainment factor of the seminar. Dr. Dunitz will appear in conventional dress on request.


Email or call 312.523.4774 to schedule an exciting keynote or seminar for your business or organization.

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