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Understanding Intercultural Communication Audio CD

If you are traveling abroad or dealing with people from other cultures in the United States, this CD on Intercultural Communication lays the foundation for better understanding and interaction. Great for reviewing the ideas that Dunitz imparts when she addresses audiences.


Improving Interpersonal Communication Audio CD

This CD supplements the presentation on Interpersonal Communication with additional ideas and stories. It reinforces the information delivered during the live program and provides a constructive way to review.


Creating Winning Advertising and PR Campaigns Audio CD

Advertising is an investment. You get a better return on your investment when you understand what you need to accomplish and how to make it happen. Dunitz imparts invaluable information for anyone who wants their business to become more successful


Detroit Detroit Audio CD

Described as jazz, blues, funk and bebop, Detroit Detroit is an upbeat inspirational song about Detroit's comeback. This is the song that premiered at the Economic Club of Detroit in May 1998. It demonstrates the pride and excitement metro Detroiters are feeling for their city.

Carol Dunitz has been writing music since she was nine years old. She wrote "Detroit Detroit" because she felt it was time the people of metropolitan Detroit had a special song they could call their own. It is a vehicle metro Detroiters can use to show their pride and excitement about everything that is happening in Detroit. Dunitz believes music is a universal language that everyone can understand.

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