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Vignettes reveal methods for effective communication
January 17, 2005

"Louder Than Thunder: A Contemporary Business Parable," by Carol Dunitz (Canterbury & Parkside, $19.95)

"Louder Than Thunder" shares lessons through a series of vignettes that deal with the insights of a young person coming of age and achieving lifelong aspirations.

The reader is taken on a journey with the book's protagonist as she learns to deal with the world around her by carefully listening and observing. In the process, the reader comes to understand how to communicate more effectively.

The simplicity with which the story is written belies the depth of information in its pages.

Dunitz is a speaker, writer, producer and consultant. Her colorful presentations include "Schmooze or Lose," "Interpersonal Communication in the Workplace" and "Sure Fire Sales and Negotiating."

Dunitz has a bachelor's degree in theater and English from the University of Michigan and a doctor's degree in speech communication and theater from Wayne State University.

Illustrator Helen Gotlib works in lithography, intaglio and wood block mediums. Her illustrations display a strong interest in exploring form and fantasy.

Gotlib received her bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan School of Art and is the recipient of numerous awards.

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