Accounting Today
January 10-23, 2005


We here at New Products see more than our fair share of business books, and we’re prepared to say that, while the topics may be enormously important, the books themselves are often…dull.


There, we said it.


Even a revolutionary new business model or technique can be rendered lifeless—or worse, impenetrable—by dry, overly technical writing. One way to liven up the presentation is with case studies; another is to cast it as a fable or parable.


The latter is the route taken by communication and marketing consultant Carol Dunitz in Louder than Thunder, which teaches valuable lesson and business and interpersonal communication through the story of a CEO who challenges three vice presidents with a riddle—“What is louder than thunder, as highly charged as lightning, and more powerful than the fierce North Wind?”—with the winner becoming her successor. (We wonder if Jack Welch posed the same riddle to his three would-be successors?) Price: $19.95. Available in hardcover and on CD. Canterbury & Parkside. (734) 747-6266

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