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Dr. Carol Dunitz is a speaker, writer, producer and consultant. Her colorful presentations for which she dresses in costume include Schmooze or Lose, Interpersonal Communication in the Workplace, Top Notch Customer Service, and Sure Fire Sales and Negotiating. She has written and produced numerous audio CDs to supplement her programs that teach audiences how to communicate more effectively.


Carol Dunitz is also a seasoned marketing professional who provides comprehensive communication services to business. She creates advertising campaigns that deliver formidable results by developing strategies and implementing them through high-powered writing and graphics. Among other things, Dunitz writes executive speeches, scripts, promotional literature, and web sites. She is noted for her ability to make anything interesting and easy-to-understand.


Dunitz is also the author of One Hungry Child.


Dunitz has four daughters: Helen, Dorothy, Risa and Jocelyn Gotlib. She enjoys sports and is the past International President of Mosaic Outdoor Clubs of America.


Dr. Dunitz has a B.A. in Theatre and English from the University of Michigan and a Ph.D. in Speech Communication and Theatre from Wayne State University.


Louder Than Thunder is available in Hardcover or on CD at: www.louderthanthunder.com or bookstores · 101 pages · $19.95 · ISBN 0-9748659-0-7


For further information or to schedule an interview with the author, please call 734.747.6266 or e-mail cdunitz@lastword.com.

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