Presidential Candidates Neglect Hunger Community


The forgotten issue in this presidential race is hunger. George W. Bush and John Kerry continue to focus on domestic issues including education, healthcare and the general state of the economy but neglect to address the fact that poverty among working class families has increased almost 50% over the past two decades. 16.7% of the children in the United States live in poverty. Over 10% of seniors in this country live below the poverty line. More than 23 million people in this county would not have enough to eat if they could not depend on America 's Second Harvest, the network of over 200 food banks and food-rescue organizations for food.


The Food Bank of Oakland County has taken it upon itself to educate American citizens. It has published a compelling new book. "One Hungry Child," that shares ten impassioned stories about hungry children in the United States . Every chapter is based on incidents and circumstances furnished by food banks and food agencies across the country. These stories educate and empower readers to take a stand and make a difference in the fight to obliterate hunger in the United States . All profits from book sales go directly to the food banks and agencies selling the books, which helps them provide food for more people in need.


Carol Dunitz, an accomplished speaker, and communication expert is the author of "One Hungry Child." She is also the author of "Louder Than Thunder: A Contemporary Business Parable," a book that teaches readers how to improve their communication skills. Dunitz is a speaker, writer, producer and consultant who is the principal of The Last Word, a communication and creative services business in Ann Arbor , Michigan .


Robert Forney, President and CEO of America's Second Harvest, contributed the Foreword for "One Hungry Child." Helen Kozlowski-Hicks, Executive Director of the Food Bank of Oakland County , wrote the Introduction.


The book is illustrated by award-winning artist Helen Gotlib. It includes a special appendix of color illustrations from grade school children who were winners of a "Put A Face on Hunger" contest.

"One Hungry Child" can be purchased at www.OneHungryChild.com or through local food banks around the country. "Louder Than Thunder" can be purchased at www.louderthanthunder.com as well as bookstores and Amazon.com.

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