"My Sex Drive" Among Creative Responses
to Informal Survey

Following publication of her new book, "Louder Than Thunder," Dr. Carol Dunitz took an informal survey of shoppers at a local mall and students on the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor. "What is louder than thunder?" she asked. Some of the responses Dunitz received were: God, stadium cheering after a touchdown, a surgeon's knife, rock concert fans, "my sex drive," a stick-up man's gun shot, "my mother-in-law," unexpected rapids, "me," and breaking the sound barrier.


"Louder Than Thunder : A Contemporary Business Parable" is about a wise career woman who as CEO of a major corporation calls in her three vice presidents to tell them she is about to retire and that one of them will succeed her. She discloses that she will make her decision based on their response to the riddle she poses. The riddle is: "What is louder than thunder, as highly charged as lightning, and more powerful than the fierce North Wind?"


"Louder Than Thunder" shares important communication lessons through a series of vignettes. These vignettes deal with the insights of a young person while coming of age and subsequently achieving lifelong aspirations. The reader is taken on a journey with the book's protagonist as she learns to deal with the world around her by carefully listening and observing. In the process, the reader comes to understand how to communicate more effectively in every day interactions in and out of the workplace.


"Louder Than Thunder" can be purchased at www.louderthanthunder.com . It is also available through bookstores and Amazon.com.

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