Athena Impersonator Dons Sandwich Board;
Steals Thunder from Zeus and Thor.

Dr. Carol Dunitz appeared outside the University of Michigan stadium before the football game on Saturday, September 18 th dressed as Athena sporting a large sandwich board that read, "What's louder than thunder? www.louderthanthunder.com." Dunitz, who has over twenty-five costumes in her wardrobe that she wears for speaking engagements, has a special reason for wearing the toga. The clothing, reminiscent of ancient Greece , ties in with her new business book, "Louder Than Thunder."


"Louder Than Thunder" is based on a riddle, "What is louder than thunder, as highly charged as lightning, and more powerful than the fierce North Wind?" The cover illustration shows the hand of Viking god Thor holding a hammer, which he used to create thunder, the hand of Greek god Zeus, who fashioned and threw lightning bolts, and the face of Japanese Buddhist god Vayu, who created wind. Dunitz who admits she was not interested in cross dressing says she settled on the next best character she could find who fit in with the ancient deities referenced in the illustration, Athena. Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom and war, and is quite possibly the prototype of today's modern career woman.


"LouderThan Thunder : A Contemporary Business Parable" is about a wise career woman who as CEO of a major corporation calls in her three vice presidents to tell them she is about to retire and that one of them will succeed her. She discloses that she will make her decision based on their response to the riddle she poses.


"Louder Than Thunder" shares important communication lessons through a series of vignettes. These vignettes deal with the insights of a young person while coming of age and subsequently achieving lifelong aspirations. The reader is taken on a journey with the book's protagonist as she learns to deal with the world around her by carefully listening and observing. In the process, the reader comes to understand how to communicate more effectively in every day interactions in and out of the workplace.


Dunitz is a speaker, writer, producer and consultant soon plans to wear her Athena costume in downtown Detroit , Chicago, Cleveland and other metropolitan areas. In front of Michigan Stadium she called out, "Visit LouderThanThunder.com. Find out about the new book that was written and illustrated by Michigan grads." She plans to shape her verbal message everywhere she goes to hook onlookers and key in on their interests and allegiances.

"LouderThanThunder: A Contemporary Business Parable" can be purchased at www.louderthanthunder.com . It is also available through bookstores and Amazon.com.


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