Reality TV Trumped by Reality Book

The theme of competition in corporate America is prominent in a new nonfiction book, "Louder Than Thunder : A Contemporary Business Parable," which has even higher stakes than "The Apprentice." The TV series captured the imagination of millions of viewers who watched as sixteen people competed in the hope of being hired by Donald Trump and paid a six-figure salary. In "Louder Than Thunder" the sixteen contestants are replaced by three corporate vice-presidents who compete for the top job at a major corporation, which is to come available when the CEO retires.


The reader sees the vice-presidents at their worst and at their best. A winner is selected at the end of the reality book just as a winner is chosen at the end of a reality TV series.


"Louder Than Thunder" is about a CEO, who calls in her three vice presidents to tell them she is about to retire and that one of them will succeed her. She poses a riddle and tells them that whoever comes back with the best answer will be the next CEO. The riddle is: "What is louder than thunder, as highly charged as lightning, and more powerful than the fierce North Wind?"


Unlike the reality television shows which last a whole season, the book's action takes place over the course of a week. The three vice-presidents visit different plants and departments and consult with those around them in an effort to find an answer that will ensure victory. There are a series of vignettes that demonstrate all the things they do to try to win. In the process, "Louder Than Thunder" shares lessons on how to succeed in the workplace.


Carol Dunitz, Ph.D. is the author of "Louder Than Thunder." Dunitz is a speaker, writer, producer and consultant who is the principal of The Last Word, a communication and creative services business in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The book is illustrated by award-winning artist Helen Gotlib.

Canterbury & Parkside has published the book. It can be purchased at www.louderthanthunder.com between now and the September 1 st publication date with no shipping and handling fees. Books will also be available through bookstores and Amazon.com.


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