Mother Mentors Daughters. Enterpreurial
Spirit Drives Joint Creative Endeavors

When Dr. Carol Dunitz started her marketing and communications business over a decade ago, her two older daughters, Helen and Dorothy Gotlib, were still in elementary school.  Little did she imagine that they would pursue artistic endeavors, which would open up opportunities for them to work together.


Dunitz owns a boutique communication and creative services firm, The Last Word, which provides advertising and PR services.  Under her direction, the company offers comprehensive marketing campaigns including web sites, collateral literature, and radio and TV spots.  Carol has written speeches for many high level executives.


Carol Dunitz is also a professional speaker who has performed around the country at organization and corporate meetings.  She has eight programs including Schmooze or Lose, and Understanding Intercultural Communication.  Dunitz dresses in costumes for her presentations, sings original songs and tells stories and anecdotes, each of which has an educational message.


Dunitz recently completed a book, which will be published in September.  Louder Than Thunder is a contemporary business parable with nine illustrations by her daughter, Helen, who recently graduated from the University of Michigan School of Art & Design


Helen creates all kinds of illustrations.  Last year her work appeared in the Wall Street Journal when one of Dunitz’s clients needed a drawing for an ad.  She has completed numerous scientific illustration commissions. Her fine art drawings and prints are sold at art fairs, galleries and on her web site (www.helengotlib.com). She has received numerous art awards.

Dorothy, who is a professional photographer, has also worked with her mother on marketing projects for The Last Word.  Recent assignments were photo shoots for a small fire truck manufacturer and a gourmet food company.  Dorothy, a pre-med student at the University of Michigan, also offers creative portraiture & photography of events (www.dorothygotlib.com).

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