The Apprentice, Week Fifteen:
Business Communication Expert Says
Smiles Trump Sour Expressions Every Time

It’s not what you say but how you say it. It’s not what skills you have but how you present them. It’s not who you are but how others perceive you,” says business communication expert Dr. Carol Dunitz. “Tana and Kendra are both talented, capable women. They both have the ability to draw on their creative and analytical sides to accomplish tasks they are given.” Will Donald Trump have a difficult time choosing between them? Dunitz says, “No.”


With only a week until “The Apprentice” is chosen, Dunitz stands by her April 9 th prediction that Tana will win the coveted prize. She says that both women are very capable, but Tana has something that Kendra will have to work very hard to develop—great people skills. “Tana exudes sincere warmth. Everyone who comes into contact with her likes her. She is able to laugh about the team members she is given. She is able to welcome them with a friendly, believable demeanor that tells them she is glad they are on her team—even though she understands the liability each brings. Tana in interested in their input and empowers them, which makes them feel important. At the same time, she wants to make sure her clients are happy. She immediately seeks out their input. She understands that asking good, open-ended questions is the only way to really find out what the task demands.” Tana is upbeat. When she says, “We’ll do the best we can,” she smiles broadly and the audience understands her commitment.


Kendra is clearly committed to the task she is given. Like Tana, she has trouble getting all her team to the initial meeting with respective clients. In her case, however, she is the one who is not there when the meeting commences. “You only have one chance to make a first impression,” Dunitz says. “This was not a good start. However, her ability to rescue the first impression her teammates made with decision makers for the video game championships is to her credit.” But Dunitz is critical of the sour expression Kendra has on her face most of the time. “She is unable to mask her aggressive attitude whether she is with clients, teammates or commenting directly to the camera. She isn’t even able to put on a positive face for Amy who is unhappy about the placement of Sony Play Stations.” As a result of Kendra’s inability to deal with the situation, Amy considers withdrawing Sony’s sponsorship.


The last competition will be judged more subjectively than others were. We can expect Tana and Kendra to do some things well and other things poorly. After all, they are competing to be “The Apprentice,” not the Boss. “Both women are very competent. What meaningfully differentiates them? Only one has the ability to set people at ease, engage them and make them feel important. That one is Tana. That’s why Donald Trump will choose Tana as his next apprentice,” Dunitz says.


Carol Dunitz is an effective business communication expert. She is an author and professional speaker who has ten programs that teach people how to communicate more effectively. She generally dresses in costumes for her presentations, sings original songs and tells stories and anecdotes that underscore the points she makes. Programs address issues including interpersonal communication, listening, leadership, teambuilding, sales and negotiating, customer service, intercultural communication, and advertising and marketing.


Dunitz will be exhibiting at annual conferences for ASTD (Association for Training and Development) in Orlando (Booth 1135) from June 6-8 and at SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) in San Diego (Booth 236) from June 19-21.

Her new book, ‘Louder Than Thunder,’ is about a CEO who calls in her three vice presidents to tell them she is about to step down and that one of them will succeed her. She has a riddle for them, “What is louder than thunder, as highly charged as lightning, and more powerful than the fierce North Wind?” Whoever comes back with the best answer will be the next CEO.


“Louder Than Thunder” provides significant insight on how to become a better communicator through a series of vignettes. These vignettes deal with the insights of a young person while coming of age and subsequently achieving lifelong aspirations. The reader is taken on a journey with the book’s protagonist as she learns to deal with the world around her by carefully listening and observing. In the process, the reader comes to understand how to communicate more effectively in every day interactions in and out of the workplace.


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