Author Uses Nontraditional Ways to Market Book; Approaches Untapped Venues For Speaking Tour


Professional Speaker Carol Dunitz, Ph.D. is gearing up to promote her new book, "Louder Than Thunder," in some nontraditional ways. Already known for her zany costumes and original songs, she plans to dress as Athena, ancient goddess of wisdom and war, when she ascends the podium to talk about becoming a better listener. Dunitz, who has ten programs on different aspects of communication, sings acappella and tells stories and anecdotes to underscore the points she makes.


"Getting the book into readers' hands is as important as generating income at this point," she explains. "Every reader is potentially an ambassador for the book. Last week I gave a seminar and every attendee was required to read the book in advance. Since my book has been published by a small publisher, it's important to take advantage of opportunities like this to get the word out. I'll be giving a keynote at eWomens Network next month," she shares. "When people in the audience get excited about what you're sharing with them and recognize there is real value, they stand in line afterward to buy the book and get it signed."


Dunitz who graduated from the University of Michigan recently sent out emails to all the alumni clubs affiliated with the university. She is hopeful that many of them will want her to come speak. She has also contacted a major retailer of upscale clothing for men and women in the hope that it will be interested in doing a promotion with her. She suggested she do a presentation at each of their locations, which they could promote to bring customers into their store an additional time. At the same time, she figures it can stimulate interest in her business/communication book.


The book has received favorable reviews in major newspapers across the country and on the Internet. Former Mayor of Detroit Dennis Archer who provided an advance endorsement for the business parable wrote "'Louder Than Thunder' shatters the glass ceiling while dispelling gender myths that have plagued corporate America for generations. This book is a 'heads up' for every businessman, an inspiration for every businesswoman, and a thoughtful reminder about how we can all aspire to be better communicators." 'Louder Than Thunder' was featured on the March 7th cover of Publishers Weekly.


The book is about a CEO who calls in her three vice presidents to tell them she is about to step down and that one of them will succeed her. She has a riddle for them, "What is louder than thunder, as highly charged as lightning, and more powerful than the fierce North Wind?" Whoever comes back with the best answer will be the next CEO.


"Louder Than Thunder" provides significant insight on how to become a better communicator through a series of vignettes. These vignettes deal with the insights of a young person while coming of age and subsequently achieving lifelong aspirations. The reader is taken on a journey with the book's protagonist as she learns to deal with the world around her by carefully listening and observing. In the process, the reader comes to understand how to communicate more effectively in every day interactions in and out of the workplace.


Dunitz is also the principal of The Last Word, a communication and creative services business in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The book is illustrated by award-winning artist Helen Gotlib.


"Louder Than Thunder" is available at bookstores everywhere or at louderthanthunder.com. A recording on CD by the author as well as the learning guide are for sale at www.louderthanthunder.com.

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